Practice to make a difference.
  • Carmichael’s Journey

    Carmichael’s Journey

    by Shelly Fussell

    Carmichael the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo has made his first flight out of the nest and joined his parents on the long journey to their coastal feeding grounds. But when they return, they find out their home has been destroyed. What will they do? And, more importantly, what can we all do to help? *Author Bio:* Shelly Fussell is an Education Assistant who discovered a love of working with children late in life. A new start in education gave her a renewed interest in literacy, and encouraging children to not only...

  • Ori's Clean Up

    Ori's Clean Up

      Ori the Octopus and his friends have left their rubbish everywhere. They tidy up, but it does not work. To keep their home clean and healthy, they need to do something better. So they recycle, re-use, make compost and give things away. *Author Bio:* Anne lives in Mosman, Sydney, with her husband and their two young children. Apart from writing and entertaining children, her other passion is our environment. And so she is very excited to be releasing the third book in the Ori Octopus series, Ori's Clean-up, which is...