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Friends Always

Publish Date: March 2014

I'm never playing with Quentin again! Never, never, NEVER!

I can play with Tony — he likes dinosaurs.

I can play with Nadia — she likes tea parties.

I can play with Jerry — he likes hide-and-go seek.

I can play with Estelle — she makes me laugh.

Or I can play with Quentin. Wonder what he's doing?

Reading this book with your child can be a fun way to talk about friendship, conflicts with friends, and forgiveness.

A Note to Parents and Caregivers written by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, discusses the normal ups and downs of childhood friendships and how children argue and make up with friends as a means of practicing social roles that they will assume in later years.

 Author Bio:

Tanja Wenisch was born on the banks of the Rhine in Germany. After working several years in fresco restoration and offset printing, she studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany and illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. She now works as a a children's book illustrator and a colourist of comic books and graphic novels.

Friends Always

Author: Tanja Wenisch

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