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Gary Just Didn't Know The Rules

In this story, an “incident” occurs in the boys’ toilet, involving Gary who is new to Miss Martin’s class. Miss Martin teaches her students the “five private rules” which are designed to help keep them safe at home, at school, in fact anywhere they go.

The author, Holly-ann Martin, who has over 30 years experience in teaching protective behaviours, wrote this book to help parents, carers, teachers and educators discuss the issue of child-to-child sexual abuse with the children in their care.

Increasingly, Holly had been contacted by childcare centres and primary schools that had experienced cases of child-to-child sexual abuse and were not sure how to educate parents, carers, their staff and children, to try and prevent any further instances occurring. Out of frustration at not being able to direct these teachers and educators to a suitable resource, she decided to write this book.

Child-to-child sexual abuse is a confronting subject! It is essential to protect the innocence of children and not provide them with too much information or cause trauma. Like the other books in this series, this book has been designed for adults to read to children to educate them about this subject, in a safe, non-threatening manner, and provide them with the necessary skills to help keep them safe.

The “incident” referred to in the story has deliberately not been detailed to protect the innocence of children and to try and avoid any additional trauma to children who may have experienced sexual abuse.

The five “private rules” are designed to help keep children safe from sexual abuse at home, at school, in fact anywhere they go. They empower children and provide them with clear and concise guidelines about any inappropriate touching, viewing pornography, taking pictures of their private body parts or other people taking pictures of their private body parts. In this story, pornography is referred to as “private pictures” or “private movies”. The use of these terms was first introduced in the book Hayden-Reece Learns What To Do if Children See Private Pictures or Private Movies as part of our use of age-appropriate language in educating children about sensitive topics.

In the back of this book is an information section for parents, carers and teachers which includes information on how to respond to children engaged in problem sexual behaviours. There is also discussion questions designed to see if children have understood the fundamental concepts of this book. These discussion questions will also give you the opportunity to provide further information if required, which is appropriate to the comprehension level of your children.

Also included is information about the Safe4Kids Child Abuse Prevention Education Program which covers the main points of protective education, and there is also specific information on how to effectively and efficiently deal with receiving a disclosure of abuse from a child.

This book is the fourth in a series of books where Miss Martin teaches her students about protective behaviours and is suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years.


Other books by Holly-ann Martin include:

• Matilda Learns a Valuable Lesson (book one in the series)

• Hayden-Reece Learns a Valuable Lesson That Private Means ‘Just For You’ (book two in the series)

• Hayden-Reece Learns What To Do if Children See Private Pictures or Private Movies (book three in the series)

• Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to Child Protection Education•


Hard cover (Picture book)

Full Colour

36 pages




Gary Just Didn't Know The Rules

Author: Holly-Anne Martin

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