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Grandpa's Guardian Angel

From the 2010 winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration comes a poignant story of the close relationship between a boy and his grandfather.

With gentle visual humour, Jutta Bauer’s simple story shows how Grandpa’s charmed life may be due to someone special watching over him all along.

This little boy's grandpa tells him stories whenever he visits. He tells how nothing ever seemed to hurt him. Every morning as a boy, he would run past the big statue of an angel on his way to school, and bullies, buses, high trees, deep lakes - none could touch him. Even through war, hunger and unemployment, and all the strange things life threw at him, Grandpa's angel - though never specifically mentioned - is always at his shoulder, looking out for him. Now, as the sun sets over his life the guardian angel moves from the old man to the boy as his protector. The illustrations express what words have left unsaid.

Jutta Bauer as author and illustrator has used a unique technique where the text and artwork adjust to each other by picking up where the other leaves off. Soft watercolours with pen and ink on fine quality paper enhance the message of love and protection by the seen and unseen, the things we know about and those we don’t.

7+ age group.

Grandpa's Guardian Angel

Author: Jutta Bauer

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