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I Am Extra Special: 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees

Publish date: March2015

The 21st Century Guide to The Birds and the Bees was carefully written to be suitable for all families to read with their children.

Included: natural conception, IVF, surrogacy and donor’s, fulfilling the space in the ‘how a baby is made’ book market and going that step further into the 21st century of how babies are conceived. Through beautiful illustrations and engaging content children will be entrusted with the knowledge of how all the different types of conception occur. They will have a basic understanding of pregnancy and the birth of a baby. There are no surprising words and it is definitely not a ‘too much information’ book.

For children aged 4-10. or whenever your child is ready to start the conversation.

Paperback picture book, full colour 18 pages

Author Bio:

Belinda Messer: A wife and mother of 3 children both naturally conceived and IVF who has a background in sales and a passion for art in all of its forms.

Other books in the series:

I am extra special: An IVF story

I Am Extra Special: 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees

Author: Belinda Messer

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