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I Have A Friend Who Is Sad

‘I Have a Friend Who is Sad’ follows a young Bulldog on a journey of feelings that may be experienced by a child that feels neglected.

The story is not all sad; as you follow the Bulldog's journey, you will notice the hidden friends in every beautifully illustrated page. The message of this book is simple....' There is always someone who cares'.

Steven Schuback is a Brisbane author who dedicates his children's books to making children feel good about themselves. This time, Steven has teamed up with Author and Publisher Julieann Wallace from Lillypilly Publishing and illustrator Shez Kennington. Published to empower, educate, protect and support children and point them in the direction of wonderful organisations such as Bravehearts and Kids Help Line, if they "have a friend who is sad".

I Have A Friend Who Is Sad

Author: Steven Schuback

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