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It's Just Different Now

A compassionate book which will help many children come to terms with their grief at parental separation. Written by an accredited grief counseller and educator.

 A book about children’s grief after separation and divorce

"A moving, compassionate and beautifully illustrated book…the simplicity of language used and the powerful colour and clarity of the illustrations is symbolic of an underlying truth – that pain faced boldly in the light of day eventually loses some of its ferocious intensity …its message has the power to touch us all." - Dianne Mc Kissock OAM, relationship counselor, grief therapist, Co-Director of The National Centre for Childhood Grief in Sydney, NSW, Author of The Grief of Our Children (ABC Books). 

"Having lost my own father at the age of ten (to death, not divorce), I found both the words and the illustrations resonated with my own hurt and my own long-recurring fantasy that he could come back to be with us and our family would be whole again…I commend it highly and hope that parents will let it work its own magic." - Dr Don Edgar, Foundation Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies

Author Bio:

Linda Epsie is a loss, grief and bereavement counsellor, educator, supervisor and consultant in Melbourne, Australia who has worked in the field of loss and grief for 25 years. She highly regarded in the field of loss and grief.

Linda works in Private Practice part time and is currently the manager of Client Support Services in a Melbourne palliative care service. She held a position as Executive Officer at the Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation Australia (now CIMA) up until July 2010.

It's Just Different Now

Author: Linda Epsie

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