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Let’s Talk About It! - When My Parents Forgot How to be Friends

Young children become confused and hurt when their parents constantly argue, then decide to divorce. This sensitively written book assures boys and girls that children are in no way responsible for their parents’ inability to get along together. It lets kids know that although one parent chooses to move away from the home, both parents continue to love their little boy or girl. Both Mom and Dad will continue to spend happy times with them.

Even very young children have concerns and anxieties, and Let’s Talk About It! books are written and illustrated especially for them. Parents are advised to read these books aloud while their pre-schooler listens and looks at illustrations of the boys and girls in each story. Many children in early grades will be able to read the stories for themselves. Let’s Talk About It! encourage children to explore their feelings, and then to speak openly about things that trouble them. Both of these brand-new, colour-illustrated titles are available in a choice of English or Spanish language editions.

(Ages 4–7)

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Let’s Talk About It! - When My Parents Forgot How to be Friends

Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

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