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Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears

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Everyone's afraid of something . . .

Young children will identify with the little mouse who uses the pages of this book to document his fears –

Spiders: Little Mouse is afraid of them (arachnophobia).

Shadows: Little Mouse is afraid of those (sciaphobia).

In fact, Little Mouse is afraid of everything - from loud noises and the dark, to being sucked down the plughole

Join her as she faces her fears and records them in her journal - and discovers that even the biggest people are afraid of some things.

Packed with details and novelty elements including flaps, die-cuts and even a hilarious fold-out map.

This is an extraordinary picture book.

Author Bio:

Emily Gravett won the 2004 Macmillan Prize for Illustration with her first picture book, WOLVES, for which she also went on to win the Nestle Bronze Award and the 2006 Kate Greenaway Medal. Her innovative and highly original picture books have now sold more than 300,000 copies around the world and earned her critical acclaim as well as commercial success. A former traveller, Emily has now settled in Brighton with her partner and their daughter.

Little Mouse’s big book of fears - Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal 2008

Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears

Author: Emily Gravett

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