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Magic Me: Yoga, A Magical Gift for All Ages

MAGIC ME is the second in a series of books (Who am I? being the first) by author Jane Wiesner to introduce children and adults to the magic of yoga. It is primarily a children's picture book for anyone interested in yoga - it is simply an interactive journey of fun for all age groups. Information has recently come to light on childhood obesity and depression. Yoga can help to remedy these problems by building physical stamina as well as emotional strength. It tones the body and helps remove excess fat. Also relieving the tension associated with worry and stress which often leads to overeating - a cycle that can result in depression. Schools are now starting to teach children yoga and parents also are learning the benefits of buying yoga books for children and teaching them at home. MAGIC ME is perfect for this purpose.

Magic Me: Yoga, A Magical Gift for All Ages

Author: Jane Lee Wiesner

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