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Marigold and Daisy

Everyone’s enchanted with Marigold’s new baby sister. Could it be . . . she has some sort of superpower? Kids will love this sibling story with a fun twist.

Even snails can feel jealous over a new baby! Although Marigold is excited to meet her new snail sister, Daisy, she quickly realizes that Daisy must be an evil genius, capable of mesmerizing everyone. After all, their parents think everything Daisy does is cute—even pooping! Just when Marigold reaches her breaking point, she discovers that Daisy’s amazing skills may come in handy after all.

Author Bio:

Andrea Zuill’s art was exhibited in galleries in California, Texas, and New York, including the San Diego Museum of Art and the Brand Library gallery, where she won the Disney Imagineering Award. A member of the SCBWI, she won the 2010 SCBWI Mentorship Award.


“Spring has sprung, and with it comes new beginnings and unexpected trials for two young snails. New siblings can be an unfortunate tribulation, even in the buggy world of this brightly colored picture book. Life unfolds nicely for Marigold, a big-eyed young snail, until the birth of her sister, Daisy. No longer the center of attention, Marigold resents this little intrusion, who doesn't seem nearly as cute as everyone thinks; instead, she ruins everything, even Marigold's favorite toy. Disgusted and resentful, Marigold sets out to be alone…until she finds herself in a pickle. When Daisy turns up to help out her big sis, Marigold realizes maybe siblings aren't so bad after all. Loose, watercolor-styled illustrations feature quirky yet lovable gastropods and insects, all endowed with big, expressive eyes, and a bug's-eye view into a spring garden, complete with leafy green endpapers, which amplify the floral theme. While Marigold's sophisticated vocabulary will prompt good discussions of words and their meanings, the lively speech balloons offer opportunities for humorous voice impressions for added read-aloud enjoyment. Good for new older siblings who will recognize Marigold's frustration but not be too old to appreciate Daisy's pluck. Not your garden-variety sibling story despite a familiar theme.” —Kirkus Reviews

Hardcover (Picture book)

Age range: 3 and up

Full Colour

32 Page

Marigold and Daisy

Author: Andrea Zuill

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