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Mulberry Bird: An Adoption Story

In this new edition of a classic in adoption literature, Mother Bird rises to meet the challenges of bringing up her baby bird against all odds and elements. When a storm scatters her nest, she is forced to think about how best to care for her precious baby bird, and faces the heart-breaking choice of either continuing to struggle on her own, or giving her baby to another family of birds, to look after him and care for him in their strong, secure nest.

This beautifully illustrated book sensitively explores prevalent issues in the adoption debate, from the enduring force of a birth parent's love to the importance of nurturing an adoptive child in its new environment.

The Mulberry Bird is an important and enduring tale of sacrifice, wisdom and love, and is ideal for reading aloud with young children in adoptive families, their siblings, in school and with support staff.

Author Bio

Anne Braff Brodzinsky is a parent by birth, by adoption, and through step-parenting. She currently works as a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco bay area.

Mulberry Bird: An Adoption Story

Author: Anne Braff Brodzinsky

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