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On My Way to a Happy Life

On My Way to a Happy Life by bestselling author Deepak Chopra is based on his bestseller for adults. In this new book, children will discover seven 'Keys' to living a happy and meaningful life. For example, the 'Key to All Good Things' teaches children about giving and receiving, and explains that what they put out to the world is what they will get back. 'The Key to Reaching Your Dreams' helps children realise how much power they have over their own lives and where this power comes from. Each of the seven sections in this book presents a Key, as well as a beautifully illustrated example emphasizing how it works in the world. These Keys, which have their origins in ancient Indian teachings, give children what Deepak believes, are the most important traits they can possess: the ability to love and have compassion...and to spread that love and compassion to others.

On My Way to a Happy Life

Author: Deepak Chopra

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