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Our Emotions and Behaviour Series: But Why Can’t I?

Kids and rules don’t always make a perfect match right away. Following rules that adults make can be hard for children, yet it is an important skill in character education and development. They want to know, “But why can’t I?”

But Why Can’t I? explores these feelings using simple text, cheerful illustrations, and a light touch of humour. When Jenny comes over to baby-sit, Noah doesn’t want to do what she says. Rules for games, rules for bedtime: rules, rules, rules! But Jenny helps him understand that adults have to follow rules as well as kids, and rules help keep everybody safe, healthy, and happy.

Following the story, a series of pictures invites children to tell a story in their own words about following rules. A section for adults suggests ideas for talking with kids about why rules are important, and gently presents positive coping skills for children when it comes to dealing with their emotions.

Ideal for home and K–3 classroom settings.

Hardback full colour picture book

Author Bio:

Sue Graves, former teacher and published author writes fiction and nonfiction for children from pre to high school. Sue is married with four children and two grandchildren. She loves playing golf, painting watercolours, and walking in the countryside around her England home.

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Our Emotions and Behaviour Series: But Why Can’t I?

Author: Sue Graves

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