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Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile: A Story About Coping with the Loss of a Parent

Since Samantha Jane’s dad died, she has been sad and quiet, keeping to herself. One day, her neighbour Mrs Cooper gently asks her about her missing smile, and Sammy Jane begins to open up about her grief, her worries, and her confusion. Sammy Jane’s mother joins her daughter in Mrs Cooper’s garden, and helps her further with accepting and responding to her profound loss.

This book deals with the full range of emotions, questions, and worries that children have when a parent has died, including:

Will people think I didn’t love my dad if I seem happy?

If I let myself cry, will I ever be able to stop?

Can my sadness just go away if I ignore it?

If I talk to my mom about it, I’m worried I’ll make her even more sad.

It also offers ways to remember and honour the lost parent,

Encourages the open sharing of feelings,

Helps children understand that their parents want them to be happy and live their lives fully.

For ages 4-8 years old.

Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile: A Story About Coping with the Loss of a Parent

Author: Donna Pincus

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