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Sunshine on My Face: A Read-Aloud Book for Memory-Challenged Adults


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The First Picture Storybook for Memory-Challenged Adults to Read Out Loud with Their Family and Friends! This simple book for aging adults with dementia is the first of its kind. It addresses two of the major challenges that caregivers face: communicating with the person with Alzheimer's and finding meaningful ways to fill the time. The author has termed it "A Two-Lap Book" because it's designed to be read aloud by two people sitting close together; a person with Alzheimer's and his or her caregiver or loved one. Like a children's picture book, it uses straightforward language and cheerful, engaging illustrations. Unlike a children's book, the topics relate to adult life experiences and the illustrations are of older people. The Sunshine on My Face encourages conversations by evoking thoughts of past experiences and current pleasures. In her introduction, the author explains that it can be read to the person with Alzheimer's, by the person with Alzheimer's, or in an alternating fashion. The author also recommends that the caregiver ask questions related to the text and illustrations to elicit responses from the person with dementia. This book is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool for facilitating meaningful communication between adults with dementia and their caregivers/loved ones. It can be used as frequently or infrequently as the caregiver desires.

About the Author

Lydia Burdick works as a marketing and product development consultant in New York City. She created and used this book while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease.

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Sunshine on My Face: A Read-Aloud Book for Memory-Challenged Adults

Author: Lydia Burdick

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