Practice to make a difference.

The Faraway Seed

A forest stood tall and proud, all its trees the same. One day a bird dropped a new seed in the forest and a different tree grew. Will the forest accept the new tree? With the theme being multiculturalism, acceptance and celebration of difference, this is the story of a little seed’s journey to acceptance against all obstacles laid out by the forest, eventually making the forest not so ‘perfect’ but very, very beautiful with its diversity and loveliness.

This story is for all those who come from far away and have to adapt, and for those who are already here and chose to accept and include.

Some come by choice, others through necessity and others again by chance.

We were all, at some time in our ancestral history, a seed from a faraway place. – Bloom where you are planted

The Faraway Seed

Author: Anna Boucaut

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