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The Want Monsters And How They Stopped Ruling My World

Hardback (Picture book)

 Everybody has a Want Monster that sometimes makes us WANT just a little too much!

  • A little too much ice cream
  • A little too much time playing video games
  • A little too much attention

If your Want Monster is getting too big, here’s some good advice for you!


"Manchego’s The Want Monsters is a neat little picture book designed to help teach kids how to manage their wants that threaten to go out of hand. Our narrator is a young boy that has a 'ginormous’ want monster named Oskar, who makes him want to eat too much junk food, play videogames too much, and be the centre of attention. One day, a wee caterpillar points out that, to get along with Oskar without being overwhelmed by him, the key was to just let Oskar be Oskar. Over time, Oskar went from being a huge want monster to a tiny one. I read this book with my cubs, who really liked it and the book prompted some thoughtful discussion. Such feelings can be so overwhelming for young kids, and sometimes resisting can cause extreme anxiety. The Want Monsters points out that our own personal want monsters do serve useful functions, pushing one to excel, or to be compassionate or empathic. The problem is when it gets out of control. It teaches kids that *they* are not their want monster. Having wants is not bad, so long as one doesn't overindulge. Acknowledge the excessive want rather than denying it's right to exist, then go about your day without giving in. Tantrums (I see as anxiety) will eventually pass. Great lessons presented well!"

Author Bio:

Chelo Manchego is an artist and meditation practitioner who lives in Los Angeles, CA. The Want Monsters is his first book.

The Want Monsters And How They Stopped Ruling My World

Author: Chelo Manchego

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