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When Someone Dies (Questions and Feelings About)

Questions and Feelings about... is a series which tackles tough topics in a sensitive way. The books are a perfect aid to help 7-9 year old children to open up and explore how they feel and steps they can take to help them cope with emotionally challenging situations.

Death is a complicated topic, and it's never easy to discuss with children. This picture book from the Questions and Feelings About ... series uses child-friendly text and sensitively explains what happens when someone dies and provides starting points for how to deal with the grief process. It includes a helpful section with advice, practical tips, and activities for caregivers and teachers.

Author Bio:

Dawn Hewitt is CEO of CHUMS, a Child Bereavement Trauma and Emotional Wellbeing Service based in Bedfordshire, UK. They are an independent social enterprise with over 45 staff and over 70 volunteers and they provide much needed help and support to children and young people who are dealing with grief and bereavement, amongst other issues. This book is a collaboration between Dawn and her colleagues at CHUMS.


This book is really good in not telling anyone what they should be feeling or doing - and normalises a variety of responses to grief. Most of all it encourages talking and sharing which will help both the children and the adult. The book is honest about death and recognises that different people, families and cultures deal with death differently and believe different things. There were prompts to ask the children how they felt at certain points in the book, and an exercise that could be completed at the end, along with more resources for children and parents.

  • Soft cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 32 Page
When Someone Dies (Questions and Feelings About)

Author: Dawn Hewitt

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