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  • Mood Dudes Poster - Managing your anger

    Mood Dudes Poster - Managing your anger

    by Illustrator: Jim Borgman

    Just focusing on our anger might mean we miss the emotions that actually build and support it - emotions that are possibly as much in need of our attention as our anger. If you believe all behaviour has meaning, then here’s a reminder to ask: "what’s going on’" next time you feel the irritation getting out of control. Posters are a great way to reinforce positive thoughts and the capacity we have to make choices about how we react to situations. 43x56cm Wall poster Laminated.

  • Mood Dudes Poster - Self-Esteem

    Mood Dudes Poster - Self-Esteem

    by Illustrator: Jim Borgman

    Well how are you? It could even be asked: who are you? This quirky poster not only celebrates great character, it also gives positive reminders of many of the qualities that make you YOU. Name your colleagues’ strengths Appreciate their qualities Consider a raft of important traits that build relationships and make them so worthwhile. 43x56cm Wall poster Laminated.

  • Tell A Trusted Adult Kit

    Tell A Trusted Adult Kit

    by Sharon Hynes & Katerina Meda

    Teaching child safety is a responsibility that teachers in Australia (and in many other countries) have as a requirement of the curriculum. An important aspect of this social and emotional learning is empowering children to stay safe from abuse by teaching them to recognise their body signals or ‘early warning signs’. But many educators, family workers and parents are wondering how to teach child safety, and what key body signals to focus on? Using beautiful, gentle, original artwork, Tell a Trusted Adult is a resource for supporting early learning...

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