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Coping with Separation and Divorce: Issues in Society - Volume 411

Intimate relationships change over the years. It may be easy to think that ending a difficult long-term partnership will solve all your problems, however separation and divorce can bring up a number of challenges and is rarely a straightforward process or experience emotionally, especially if there are children and teenagers involved. Is it possible to do separation with co-operation? What happens for kids when their parents separate? This book explores the common causes of relationship breakdown, and explains the practical and legal processes of divorce, including going to court and dividing property and finances. It also offers advice on successfully establishing and maintaining positive parenting arrangements after separation.


Chapter 1 – Dealing with divorce and separation

  • Thinking separation?
  • Causes of relationship problems
  • Relationship problems
  • How do I apply for a divorce?
  • Divorce statistics in Australia
  • Responses to separation and divorce
  • Divorce: dividing property and finances
  • DIY divorce negotiation tips
  • Australian divorced couples hit less hard financially than overseas counterparts

  Chapter 2 – Caring for children after separation

  • Marriage, families and separation
  • Separated parents and the family law system: what does the evidence say?
  • Children and separation
  • The impacts of divorce on teenagers
  • Helping teenagers adjust after separation or divorce
  • Parenting arrangements after separation
  • Single parenting
  • Sharing the care of children after separation: thinking beyond “custody and access” or “residence and contact”

Exploring issues – worksheets and activities

Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index


Coping with Separation and Divorce: Issues in Society - Volume 411

Author: Editor: Justin Healey

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