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Discussing Sexual Health: Issues in Society - Volume 386

According to the latest National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health, teenagers claim sex education in schools is inadequate and focuses too much on biology instead of issues such as the emotional challenges of relationships, sexuality diversity, pleasure and consent. This book presents the latest information on sexual and reproductive health for young people, and includes key survey findings and advice on a range of safe sex behaviours relating to teenage relationships, sexual pressures and consent, contraception choices, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The book sensitively explores the most effective approaches to sexuality education for parents, teachers and students. How can teenagers be encouraged to learn positive sex education in the digital age?

Chapter 1 – Young people and safe sex behaviours
  • Sexual and reproductive health of young people
  • About sexual health
  • Teenage relationships: romance and intimacy
  • Pressure to have sex
  • What is sexual consent?
  • Legal age of consent in Australia
  • Safe Sex
  • Contraception choices
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Youth health: unsafe sex and sexually transmissible infections
  • Teenage pregnancy
Chapter 2 – effective approaches to sex education
  • Sex education – talking to young people
  • How is our sexuality education meeting students’ needs?
  • Australian secondary students and sexual health survey results
  • Young Australians and sexual health
  • Let’s talk about sex: young people’s views on sex and sexual health in Australia
  • Common questions about sexuality and relationship education
  • Positive sex education vs online porn!
  • Sex education: still essential in a digital age
  • Are young people who get sex education more likely to be sexually active?
  • Worried about the sexualisation of children? Teach sex ed earlier
Exploring issues – worksheets and activities
Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index



Discussing Sexual Health: Issues in Society - Volume 386

Author: Editor: Justin Healey

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