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80 Creative Strategies for Working with Challenging Parents

This unique and invaluable book provides eighty easy-to-follow strategies suggestions and activities for dealing with different kinds of challenges educators face when attempting to communicate and work with some parents. Included are helpful insights to help you understand why some parents may seem particularly challenging to professional educators. Then eighty strategies are offered on how to work with parents who have:

  • Anger and Hostility
  • Inconsistent Parenting Styles
  • Anxieties
  • A Project Blaming Approach
  • Emotionally Withdrawn Behaviour
  • Lack of Follow-Through
  • Mental Health Issues
  • An Oppositional Disposition
  • Reluctance to Own Responsibilities
  • Alcohol/Drug Problems
  • Memories of Their Own Unsuccessful School Experiences


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Author: Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.

80 Creative Strategies for Working with Challenging Parents

Author: Youthlight

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