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Girls' Clubs Rock!

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This book can be used to help you set up a highly beneficial group just for girls in your school. Group sessions could be conducted as small or large group counselling or as an extra-curricular activity group. The objective of the 'Girls' Club' is to support the development of a positive self-image increase effective communication skills and to promote a sense of empowerment in young women. These clubs use activities and guided discussions to help girls decipher and understand the myriad of mixed messages they are confronted with on a regular basis. Girls' clubs require little to get started beyond passionate facilitators who want to encourage the positive development of young women.

Girls are faced with many challenges and this group will help them talk about their concerns and find solutions and strategies that are safe and appropriate. While facilitator and member roles along with the group stages are important considerations ultimately group members usually demonstrate commitment to discussing their concerns learning new behaviours helping other members and believing in the leader if they enjoy being a member of the group. Therefore the goal is to have fun and relax!


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Author: Dara Schwartz, M.A. & Katrina Kenny, M.Ed.

Girls' Clubs Rock!

Author: Youthlight

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