Practice to make a difference.

Good Choices or Bad Choices and How to Know the Difference with CD

All of us make many, many choices each day. Each choice will result in something that will happen afterwards. If we “Stop” and “Think” before we act, we are much more likely to make better choices.

This book will help children learn about choices they make every day and their outcomes or consequences. It presents several common, real-life situations, each with a choice to be made. Children are encouraged to compare what will likely happen if they make a good choice, versus a bad choice. Children are told to “Stop” and “Think” about “What could happen?” with the different choices they could make.

After the scenarios, children are provided with some creative ways they can make more “good choices” and less “bad choices.” Also included are notes to the parent and educator containing insights about the rationale and importance of teaching children skills for making good choices.

A CD is included containing reproducible follow-up activities, songs, posters and an interactive “Good Choices / Bad Choices Game” that can be played on a computer or on any digital whiteboard such as SMART Board™ or Promethean Board™.


Author: Susan Bowman

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Good Choices or Bad Choices and How to Know the Difference with CD

Author: YouthLight

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