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How to Put a Bully Out of Business - Especially if YOU are the Bully!

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Meet Amaryllis Jane Doogers – the toughest, meanest bully you could ever meet!! (At least she was until she decided to change her attitude and to become a more kind and helpful person). Reading Amaryllis’s story will help bullies, victims and bystanders to understand the downside of bullying and the upside of friendship. The full-colour story is followed by reproducible activities and handouts. Included are:

  • If You are a Bully (strategies)
  • If You are a Victim (strategies)
  • Dear Amaryllis (letter)
  • My Anti-Bullying Poster
  • The Difference Between Bullies and Friends (listing)
  • How to Become a Compassionate and Trusted Friend (brainstorm ideas)

Author: Susan DeBell

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How to Put a Bully Out of Business - Especially if YOU are the Bully!

Author: Youthlight

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