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Mommy What's Died? - Leader's Guide

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This unique book contains a heart-warming sensitive colourfully-illustrated story for children about death grief loss and joyful memories. The basic story traces little Dave's experiences following the death of his grandfather. As he learns about the birth of a beautiful butterfly Dave gains a new understanding about death and loss that is free from fear and worry. Discussion questions are included for each page of this story to encourage children to interact with you about their perceptions and feelings.

This full version of the book is full-colour and is intended for professionals who would like a more in-depth resource. It includes more than 50 additional pages of activities extensions and belief variations. The Activities section can be used to help children to further explore their feelings. The Extensions section provides specific suggestions for extending the story in different places to make it appropriate for children of varying cultural and religious beliefs. The Belief Variations section will help you to become more knowledgeable and sensitive to different beliefs customs and rituals related to death from various cultural & religious backgrounds.


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Author: Linda Swain Gill, RN, MSN, MA in Counselling

Also Available is Mommy, What's Died? Storybook

Mommy What's Died? - Leader's Guide

Author: Youthlight

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