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Resources for Reflection: Enhancing our conversations with strengths-based tools

4th September 2020


Workshop Duration:

1 Day (Friday 4 September 2020)

Workshop Time:

9:30 – 16:30 


Fee: $250.00 including morning tea, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance.


Workshop Venue:

Maroochy RSL

105 Memorial Ave, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Target Group:

For anyone who has an interest in enhancing conversations within your work environment, whether you are working with clients, students or colleagues.

Workshop Outline:

In this highly interactive workshop participants will experiment with a wide range of cards and other tools for opening up meaningful conversations with children, youth, families, adults and colleagues.

This workshop will offer participants a number of immediately useful ideas for the use of these tools within a range of practice contexts.

Using these tools to:

  • Establish partnerships
  • Separate people from problems
  • Identify exceptions
  • Develop pictures of preferred futures
  • Make choices
  • Offer knowledge and information

These cards can be used in:

  • Education
  • Organisations / businesses
  • Communities
  • Health

Useful for:

  • Anxiety
  • Change management
  • Expressing feelings
  • Mental health, scaling and evaluation
  • Self-care / life tweaking / mindfulness
  • Self-awareness
  • Values, ethics, equality
  • Difficult conversations

Workshop Outcomes:

At the completion of this workshop, participants will have:

  • Been provided with a range of immediately useful ideas for the use of the practice tools.
  • Had the opportunity to engage in practice opportunities to play with various cards.
  • Considered the client-directed philosophy behind the tools and the implications of this for the skills of pairing tools and questions.
  • Had opportunities to share and reflect on the creative possibilities for the use of the tools within their own practice.
  • Been introduced to the possibilities for creating their own tools and resources.


 Some of the great feedback we received about this event:

  • Great presentation, inclusive learning environment and a good pace. I enjoyed the mix between small groups and the larger demonstrations
  • I found that the practical demonstrations of how to use the resources really useful, I now have the confidence to use the cards with clients
  • I loved that fact that we got to use a whole range of cards and seeing the practical examples of getting things put in practice
  • Great facilitation, thank you very much for a fantastic workshop!
  • Learning all about the various cards and going through examples of how to use them, getting a chance “to do” rather than just listen assisted my learning and I will now be using these cards with my work

Facilitator Bio:

Kath Reid trained as a social worker. She has been intrigued by narrative ideas for a number of years. She has completed the Graduate Diploma of Narrative Therapy offer by the Dulwich Centre and more recently undertaken family therapy studies. Over the last 14 year’s Kath has worked for both government and non-government organisations. Some of Kath’s therapeutic practice has seen her working with children and young people who have significant trauma and abuse, women reclaiming their lives from domestic violence, families who have experienced state intervention, young women who have experienced sexual violence and women living with the effects of eating issues. She brings a commitment to contextualize the problems that people face. Kath has enjoyed the challenge of finding creative and collaborative ways of working with children, young people, adults and groups to make more visible their skills and knowledge in the face of some significant problems. Kath has also enjoyed co-creating spaces of learning, to share strengths based and narrative ideas in experiential ways.

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