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Introduction to The Nurtured Heart Approach®

19th March 2021



2 sessions - delivered via zoom

(Friday 19 & 26 March 2021)


9:30 – 13:00 each session




Your place (Zoom)

Target Group:

This webinar would be suitable for anyone living or working with intense or challenging children or young people.


What is Nurtured Heart Approach®?

It is a simple framework which nurtures and grows a child’s positive sense of self. All Children who have been introduced to this approach flourish and learn to appreciate what is great about them.

The Nurtured Hearts Approach® enables us to notice our child's successes no matter how tiny, and in doing so, build a child's inner wealth, confidence and sense of self.  This encourages positive choice-making and resilience. The Approach invites us to transform and expand what is great about our child and our parenting.

The approach is different to other approaches; it is a simple three step process that asks us to give no energy to our child's negative behaviour, abundant recognition of the behaviour that we want to develop and encourage and asks us to set clear boundaries and limits.


Traditional approaches often fall short of promoting the inner strength essential for young people to build successful relationships. Sometimes, the tools we have do not seem to match the intensity of our children or clients, who can be so defensive and appear to resist the support or treatment we offer.

This webinar will encourage participants to change the way we look at challenging behaviours and increase awareness and understanding of relationships.  Through an introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach®, the webinar will provide powerful tools to improve not only how children and young people views themselves, but also the world around them, so they can embrace themselves and embrace life.

More than just a behaviour management strategy, the Nurtured Heart Approach® is a philosophy for creating healthy relationships with the people in your life. The Nurtured Heart Approach® embraces intensity within children, young people and adults,   and seeks to utilise that intensity to propel them to even greater heights than they ever thought possible.

This webinar is designed for those who seek to learn the basics of the Nurtured Heart Approach® and is suitable for anyone living or working with intense children or young people.


At the completion of the workshop participants will have:

  • have reviewed the factors that can contribute to challenging behaviours in children
  • have explored why some strategies do not seem to work and at times make the situation worse
  • have been introduced to the fundamentals of the NHA (the ‘stands’ of the Approach)
  • have explored techniques that can be used to energise all children and particularly challenging children and young people and enhance their self-belief and confidence, which we call “inner wealth”
  • have reviewed the importance of clear boundaries and learnt how to implement consequences following Nurtured Heart principles
  • have been introduced to strategies on how to engage with even the most “treatment resistant children/clients”.


“I would love for my centre to implement this approach”

“The whole workshop was fantastic: presenter, presentation, opportunity to share, handouts, resources, pace and format, great questions and answers, it was well organised and a great venue.”

“I really appreciated the opportunities to interact with other participants and the clips of people using the approach helped to enhance my learning during the workshop”

“Thanks for the really lovely day, the energy in the room was lovely, the Nurtured Heart Approach resonated with me and has many applications in my life, work and personal relationships. Thank U!”

“I enjoyed the training and found it very refreshing – great training”

“Really simple concepts which are easy to apply”

“I will be using a different approach in my house meetings, help to develop their success, focus on the good stuff”

“The whole presentation was very valuable, very engaging facilitator; the visual clips really enhanced my learning during the workshop. Great concepts which were addressed clearly and easily – Thanks”

Facilitator Bio:

Trish Landsberger is employed by Kyabra Community Association, as Team Leader of a training a group work team. Trish started her working life as a primary/infant teacher and moved into early year’s education. Over the last ten years Trish has trained as an Experiential and Creative Arts Therapist and has recently completed a Masters in Gestalt Therapy. In 2014 Trish was first introduced to the Nurtured Heart Approach, she was immediately engaged and on-board with this relational model that was also a fit with her Strengths Based approach to life and work, a non-punitive framework that was about empowerment and building a child’s inner sense of self-worth and value. In 2014 she became a certified Nurtured Heart Trainer in 2015 she travelled to the US and upgraded to an Advanced Trainer. Since 2014 she has taken every opportunity to share the approach with those who are interested and who will listen!

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