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Session 3: Advanced Strengths-Based Practice

19th May 2021


Workshop Duration

1 day

(Wednesday 19 May 2021)

Workshop Time

09:00 – 16:30



Including morning tea, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance.


Workshop Venue

Lighthouse Resources Upstairs Training Room

Kyabra Street RUNCORN, QLD. 4113

Target Group

This workshop is designed for anyone working alongside clients who may have played with the ideas of strengths based practice or seeking to be refreshed. This could include case managers, counsellors, youth workers, guidance officers, support workers, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupation therapists, and/or workers from the field of disability, housing, domestic violence, child protection, education, health and mental health.


This workshop can be used as standalone refresher to brush up on your skills or can be used in conjunction with Level 1 & 2 to give a full 3 day Strengths-based Practice workshop. Level 1 and 2 will build on the prior workshop. If attending all three sessions the period of time in between each workshop will allow participants to practice, and reflect.

Separate workshop dates will offer flexibility to your attendance.

Session 1: Strengths-Based Practice - 21/04/2021

Session 2: Intermediate Strengths-Based Practice - 05/05/2021



PLEASE NOTE if attending Level 3 workshops without having done session 1 & 2 (or completed other strengths-based training, or been using the strengths approach in your work or modules within your University degree) our experience tells us that participants can easily get lost and not benefit from the workshop. As well, other participants who are wanting to move ahead can get frustrated at having to go over material they have already covered.

We certainly don’t exclude anyone from attendance if they haven’t completed pre-requisite workshops, so will leave it up to you to decide if you think you’d like to proceed with registration to this workshop.

Workshop Outline

Do you find your efforts to focus on clients’ strengths can be undermined by ongoing crisis or complexity that people may be experiencing? This workshop will explore how to amplify and build on the initiatives that clients may be attempting to take in their lives, despite challenging circumstances. Conversational tools will be offered to enable client’s to stay more connected to their own strengths, skills, knowledges and intentions. These tools seek to enable clients to sustain the preferred changes they are making in their lives. This workshop is for participants interested in extending their Strengths-based practice. It will offer participants a chance to reflect on their own journey of strengths based practice. Particular attention will be paid to how we can position ourselves in the work to enable client directed practice, in challenging and complex settings. The workshop seeks to explore how to find ways to work collaboratively with the client, and the systems around them to alleviate conflict and anxiety. Stories of collaborative practice will include the extended family, child protection, school, health and mental health systems.

Workshop Outcome

At the completion of the workshop participants will have:

  • Reflect on post-structural implications for strengths based practice
  • Review conversational tools that support and sustain client’s initiatives
  • Explore therapeutic tools and letters that help amplify preferred changes in client’s lives
  • Identify collaborative ways to work with clients, their families and other stakeholders
  • Explore supervision practices to sustain ourselves in the work place

Workshop format

1, 2 or 3 days


The Strengths Approach


Some of the great feedback we received about this event:

This workshop was a great balance of information and practice opportunities

I really enjoyed the paired/group discussion around practice sessions, they allowed me to develop more confidence with the approach while learning more about myself and another person, I found the interviewing practice to be quite empowering and fulfilling to be focusing on positives

The use of the cards and case-examples I really appreciated the discussion around practical implementation of the resources to gain more insight into how I might employ them in my own practice

This session was well linked to level 2. The presenter worked well to engage the group and to build on prior learning and plenty of opportunity to practice and develop skills to link to theory base

I think spreading the workshop over a number of weeks is a great idea

I enjoyed all three workshops and I’m sure my clients and practice will benefit from it. A lot of information that I need time to reflect on so I can implement change – Thank you

Facilitator Bio

Vicki Carrick

Workshop Cancellation

By completing and submitting this registration form, you are indicating your intention to attend the workshop and you will be liable for the full fee as indicated. If you are unable to attend the workshop for any reason, fail to attend without notice or cancel your registration payment will not be refunded. Workshops occasionally need to be cancelled due to insufficient participant numbers. Should this be necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible and a full refund will be given.