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Assessing Family Dynamics

Assessing Family Dynamics

Date: 27th February 2018

Facilitator: Peter Marrington


Workshop Duration:

1 Day

Workshop Time:

9:30 – 16:30


$215.00 for registration and payment received by 20/02/2018

Full fee: $245.00 including morning tea and lunch, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance.

Workshop Venue:

Lighthouse Resources Upstairs Training Room

Kyabra Street RUNCORN, QLD. 4113

Target Group:

For people who:

  • Provide counselling or work with children and families.
  • Assist parents (or others) to understand and manage children’s behaviour.
  • Assess family functioning, for example: court reporting, foster placement.
  • Provide education – for parents and health/welfare/education professionals

Workshop Outline:

Structural family therapy, developed in the 1970s, has become one of the most widely used models in the field.  The theory is popular because it is simple, inclusive and practical. The basic structural concepts - hierarchy, boundaries and subsystems – are easily understood and applied.  They take into account the individual, family and social context, and provide a clear organising framework for understanding and treating families.

This workshop provides a theoretical framework for understanding family functioning, how behaviour problems develop in children, and how children’s emotional development can be facilitated.

Participants have the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts to assessment, formulating interventions, and other applications.

Workshop Outcomes:

At the completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Knowledge of a theoretical framework for understanding family functioning based on Structural Family Therapy and Developmental Theory.
  • An understanding of the following concepts, and how they relate to functional and dysfunctional families: family system, subsystems, circular causality, sequence, homeostasis, hierarchy, boundaries, enmeshment, disengagement, coalition, triangulation, and detouring.
  • An awareness of how these theoretical concepts are applied in family assessment, therapy, and other applications.


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Facilitator Bio:

Peter Marrington is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker currently specialising in trauma counselling in Brisbane.

Peter has more than 30 years’ experience working as a child and family therapist in government and not-for-profit organisations, and in private practice: providing counselling to children and adults, consultancy and training to health and welfare professionals, managing clinical services, and in the research and development of treatment programs for abused children and adults.

Workshop Cancellations:


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Workshops occasionally need to be cancelled due to insufficient participant numbers. Should this be necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible and a full refund will be given.